Salted Grapefruit and a Flood of Memories

We all have smells and tastes that take us back to moments in our life.  They may be events of life changing proportion, or ones of the everyday variety that you don’t realize are significant until years have gone by. … Continue reading

Reaching for the Sun – A Haiku

  Reaching for the sun Waiting for a gentle breeze To start life again

Putting on your Big Girl Panites Part II – Overcoming my Fear of Heights

Well our family summer vacations never seem to disappoint.  It never fails that at some point in time our adventures will take us high… Sometimes very high… Sometimes very high with only a metal bar to protect you from falling … Continue reading

A Baby Brother for Little Princess Claire! {High River Newborn Photographer} Print-Sense Photography

Today I’d like you to meet some very special people: baby Maxton and his older sister, Claire! Our session was a little last-minute and I know mom had to scramble to get everyone ready, but I am incredibly pleased about … Continue reading

A Little Prince is on His Way!

Sheri and Kurt are expecting a little man to soon join their family. The little bundle of cuteness is set to arrive in less than a month.  Sheri had a bit of a tough go early in her pregnancy with … Continue reading