Gazing Daisy {Weekly Photo Challenge – Good Morning!}

marshmallow pug


It never fails that my mornings are greeted by this little white ball of pugginess.  There three things she desires in the morning

  1. To jump into my bed and cover my face with puggy kisses.  She is voracious with her kisses though and sometimes I think she may lick my nose right off!
  2. To eat!  Anyone who has ever owned a pug KNOWS that a pug is ALWAYS hungry and on the search for a wee nibble.
  3. To go outside and rid the yard of that pesky cat from next door!

I love the intensity of her gaze as she peers out the window scanning the yard for the offending feline.  Once spotted she will leap from the sofa, sounding the alarm with her hard to ignore puggy barks.

As of yet, she has never caught the cat and more often than not makes a fool of herself barking up the fence, as the cat swishes her tail taunting my silly girl from the fence post.

Daisy never learns and seem to be doomed to repeat the same process day after day.

Silly Pug!


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