Tree Envy {Weeky Photo Challenge – Hues of You}

I am GREEN with envy!

That’s correct, I suffer terribly from TREE ENVY!  When we purchased our little maple tree, two years ago, I had lovely visions of RED and ORANGE foliage bringing vibrant fiery autumn colour to my yard.

In two years it has NEVER once delivered!

yellow maple tree

Each year I have waited with a hopeful heart.  Each year our maple seems capable of delivering  only drab YELLOW, or more often than not, BROWN shriveled leaves that cling to their branches with a stubborn tenacity that is almost admirable, in light of the winds we get here in Okotoks.

yellow maple leaf

What I want is a tree that delivers autumn beauty like this…

red maple tree in fall

A tree that is ablaze with colour.

A tree that will become the cornerstone focus of the yard.

red maple tree in fall

I have waited.  I have tried to be patient; patient and hopeful.  Autumn is upon us in Alberta and my little tree has again not delivered a firestorm of colour.  So I find myself gathering once again a hopeful heart for next season.

Perhaps with a little more sun, a little more water and a little more time it will give me what I desire.

Until then, I will continue to be hopeful.


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