The Most Important Thing to Remember for 2014

I have not set any resolutions this year.  It was finally time to get honest.  How many years have I set the resolution that I want to lose weight or exercise more only to forget it the next time a delicious brownie passes my path, or my husband invites me to snuggle on the couch instead of going for a walk.

So 2014 the beginning of no resolutions

Instead,  2014 will be the year I continuously remember one simple thing.

One simple act that is quickly forgotten in the rush of being a working mother with two growing girls and a husband I don’t spend near enough time with.

2014 will be the year I remember to EMBRACE THE MOMENT!

Life is too wonderful to let its everyday experiences get lost in the business of the day.  Do you know why this is the most important thing to remember?  Because experiences AND life are fleeting.  It may sound pessimistic to say that all things will end, but it is the truth.

Take these two images.  The first was taken in the morning as the rising sun was slowing turning the sky to pink.  As I was capturing this frozen beauty,  I found myself wishing the sun would just hurry up and grace the window with its brilliant rays just so they would glint off the crystals and bring more depth to the shot.   But then I just stopped and took those moments to enjoy the frozen feathers on the window.  I noticed their patterns and intricacies.  Truly they were stunning.

Frost on the window photo Print Sense Photography

Then the sun rose over the housetops and the warming rays brought a smile to my face.  I was so in the moment that I just sat there eyes closed appreciating the warmth that was now filling the room.  At that moment I have completely forgotten about the frost on the window.  When I opened my eyes again, I made note that the sun was actually now beginning to melt the fringes of those feathery patterns on my window pane.  I lifted my camera and was able to take the second shot and within the next minute the crystals were gone and all that remain were my photos and the memories I now hold of studying them while thoughts of fleeting beauty danced through my mind.

Frost on the window photo Print Sense Photography

So yes, it can be said that change is the only constant in life.  Things do not stay the same.

Once you can come to terms with this very thought you can give yourself permission to embrace each moment.  TAKE IN EVERYTHING.

With that in mind I will enjoy each sweet morsel of the next brownie I have.  I won’t berate myself for eating something sweet and fattening.  I will enjoy it.  I will embrace the moment.  Of course I suppose I shouldn’t embrace too many fattening moments.

I think more importantly, I will remember to embrace each moment I get to enjoy with my family because one day my girls will have moved away and I will miss their hugs, singing in the shower and silliness at the kitchen table.

This post is the first submission for my January Px3 Challenge: Beginnings.

Px3 Monthly Challenge, Print Sense Photography


This post is also a submission for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning


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