The Most Important Thing to Maintaining a Marriage

When my husband and I had been dating for three years I moved away from him.

I had to move to a different city so I could finish my education degree.  It may have been just three hours distance, but to me it seemed like I was a lifetime away from him.  Despite this, I never looked at the situation as a make or break it experience.  I always knew that we would stay together,  because the prospect of breaking up was a reality that simply did not fit with the fact that right down to the bottom of my soul,  I knew I had found my love for life.

On the weekends, he would journey down to see me and we would more often than not find ourselves jumping in the car and traveling around on a quiet adventure.  Our Sunday drives took us all over Southern Alberta as we meandered the highways looking for new places to explore.  Our soundtrack was our favourite mix tape in the deck and our conversation.  During those drives we talked about anything and everything.  We joked, sang and planned our lives.

Grain Elevators, Alberta, Print Sense Photography

Somewhere along the way we stopped those Sunday drives.  I can’t really pinpoint when it occurred.  I just know that it has been awhile since we have consistently jumped into a vehicle for a Sunday driving adventure to anywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

Yesterday was Sunday.

Yesterday my husband and I went for a drive.

abandoned barn, Alberta, Print Sense Photography

Admittedly it started out as a drive with purpose, but once the required task was completed we found ourselves exploring small towns and side roads.  It was a three-hour mini adventure that took us to a washed out bridge, a cemetery and an abandoned homestead.  We discovered a new campground and my husband had the opportunity to say goodbye to a childhood friend.  But in all of this I was once again reminded of what truly is the most important thing in a maintaining a marriage; or any relationship to be honest.

Siksika Bow River Brige, Arrowwod Alberta, Print Sense Photography

You have to find a way to stay connected with each other.

You can live in the same house, pay the same bills, parent the same children and still lose touch.

You have to find time to talk and connect with the ones you love.  If you are just passing each other in the halls, how can you truly say you are sharing the same love story?

Over the years my husband and I have stopped taking Sunday driving adventures, but that doesn’t mean that we stopped finding time to talk, joke and plan our lives.  This year will mark 25 years together and I have to attribute our staying power to the time we devote to our conversations.  That being said, I will admit I truly both enjoyed and treasured our mini adventure yesterday.  So much that I already have a destination in mind for next Sunday.

Author’s note: As this was an adventure and journey that I did treasure, I am counting this as a Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure submission.


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