_DSC0276 fbI love photography.  Plain and simple.

I love that it gives me the ability to freeze a moment in time.  I love that it allows me to capture snippets of my ever changing life.

From the time I was 6, I have owned a camera.  My father was a professional photographer and had the patience to spend hours teaching me about light metres, f-stops and colour correction.  We had a darkroom in our basement and many hours were spent there processing the images I captured on an old Nikon.

I started Print-Sense Photography in 2011 with the simple belief that all families should have beautiful images of their family to adorne their home.  Photos are not meant to be stored on a computer or phone, but hanging on our walls as beautiful peice of art that surround us.

Beyond my love of photography there are 5 simple truths to my life.

  1. My family will always come first
  2. I adore my sweet little pugs
  3. My flower gardens are my pride and joy
  4. I have taught grade 7/8 since 1996
  5. I have an irrational fear of heights

But most of all, I love photography!


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