52 Pick Up: Joy!

I love Christmas! I love the lights, decorations, special treats and most of all the time I get to spend with my family.  My husband always takes two weeks  holidays so the four of us get to enjoy the entire … Continue reading

52 Pick Up: Warmth (of the heart)

Children grow up, they move away and start families of their own but that does not mean they forget the family they came from. A few years back my mother gave my sister and I a beautiful gift.  She divided … Continue reading

52 Pick Up: Macro – Can You Guess What This Is?

hoar frost in garden

I love finding unique and interesting things in which to photograph.  My little backyard photography journey began on a day in which everything was coated in hoar frost. I wanted to photograph the frost on the blue spruce. Then while … Continue reading

52 Pick Up: Black and White – Photographing Difficult Subjects

serious teenager photo

Not every subject who steps in front of your lens is going to want their photo taken.  Very often photographing young teenagers can pose a particular challenge.  In many cases photographing teenagers, especially young teenagers has the potential to be … Continue reading

52 Pick Up – Colours: A Reason to Love Fall

There are plenty of reasons to bemoan the fact that summer is over and how the cold breath of impending winter brings a sudden chill to they air.  But with those lengthening days and heavier clothes one can’t help but … Continue reading

52 Pick Up – Peace: Finding Satisfaction

 Doing Something You Love = Peace and Satisfaction This year I was given the wonderful opportunity to once again teach grade 7 humanities, and within the first week I came to a simple realization –  Grade 7 is the grade in … Continue reading

52 Pick Up: Temptation – If the Shoe Fits…

To listen to my husband one would be lead to believe that I have a horrific shoe obsession. I don’t… Really I don’t… Okay, maybe a just little. I really do love shoes.  Walking into a shoes store is like … Continue reading