A Little Magic {High River Family Photographer} Print-Sense Photography

Mom was a little nervous.  “All I want is a nice photo with natural smiles.” I assured her I would work with her family until she had the images she desired. Luckily, her little guy wanted to be the first … Continue reading

Ten Toes and a Button Nose {Calgary Newborn Photographer} Print-Sense Photography

The sweet brush of newborn eyelashes across soft baby cheeks is a sight that will make any mother swoon.  In fact, for new parents it is said there is nothing sweeter than the sight of their sleeping angel. That being … Continue reading

A Control Freak trying to Find Flexibility

CONFESSION TIME You would have thought after 14 years of parenthood, I would be a more flexible person. No I don’t mean in the literal sense.  Seriously, what my children have done to my hips has left me with little … Continue reading

Salted Grapefruit and a Flood of Memories

We all have smells and tastes that take us back to moments in our life.  They may be events of life changing proportion, or ones of the everyday variety that you don’t realize are significant until years have gone by. … Continue reading

Putting on your Big Girl Panites Part II – Overcoming my Fear of Heights

Well our family summer vacations never seem to disappoint.  It never fails that at some point in time our adventures will take us high… Sometimes very high… Sometimes very high with only a metal bar to protect you from falling … Continue reading

Family is the Best Thing

“Family is the best thing you could ever wish for.  They are there for you during the ups and downs and there for you no matter what.” I love shooting family reunion sessions!  Everyone is excited to see each other … Continue reading

These Hands

These hands, once part of the bustle of life, now sit folded peacefully as the world rushes by. These hands, lined with the stories of life, have felt the loving touch from a mother, husband and child. These hands, weary … Continue reading

Don’t Stop Having Fun!

“Don’t stop having fun when you get older because you will get older when you stop having fun.” This fun-loving family lives and breathes this quote. I had the pleasure of spending an evening with this quick-witted bunch where the … Continue reading

How To Ruin a Birthday in One Easy Step!

It is always best to listen to that inner voice – even when it is just a whisper. Had I actually listened to that whisper of doubt I would have saved myself from frightening my family, ruining by daughter’s 11th … Continue reading