Searching for Emeralds

In a world of white, surrounded by crystalline diamonds, I long for sun warmed earth and the emergence of living emeralds. Advertisements

Saturated in Sunlight {Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated}

  I love this little solitary daisy reaching its petals toward the rays of the setting sun.

Reaching for the Sun – A Haiku

  Reaching for the sun Waiting for a gentle breeze To start life again

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour (Haiku)

the golden hour bathes the world in a soft light creating beauty

The Weeds of Life

No one ever photographs the weeds in their garden. Why focus in on the dandelions and invading clover when there are lilies and roses to capture? The same can be true of our lives.  It is far too easy to … Continue reading

A Sun in My Garden

  As I wander through the gardens I breathe easy As the sun is both above my head but also at my feet