Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget These three words surround us on this day of remembrance, but do we truly take the time to stop and reflect upon their meaning.   I am, by nature, a peaceful soul.  Violence, weapons and war are … Continue reading

Take a Photo Drive Today! {Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon}

  Sometimes you just need to take a drive. For me taking a drive often involves multiple stops along the way to snap photos of views, vistas and places a normally just drive by.  My husband and I were out … Continue reading

A Study of Softness in the Midst of Needles

  I have fallen in love with the golden halo of softness in this image.

52 Pick Up: Warmth (of the heart)

Children grow up, they move away and start families of their own but that does not mean they forget the family they came from. A few years back my mother gave my sister and I a beautiful gift.  She divided … Continue reading

Rock The Shot – December Photo Challenge: Christmas Tree

Nikon D80, Manual, 60 mm lens, ISO 1600, f3.3, 1/2, exposure +5, Manual focus I loved the challenge of taking this image.  It all started with me sitting in front of my fireplace. Our afternoon guests had left, my husband … Continue reading

Follow Me!

As with all little boys, this little prince was a busy, busy little man.  All he wanted to do was run and play so in living my my motto, ‘Happy Kids = Easier Session ‘ I simply let him play.  We ran, … Continue reading

52 Pick Up – Colours: A Reason to Love Fall

There are plenty of reasons to bemoan the fact that summer is over and how the cold breath of impending winter brings a sudden chill to they air.  But with those lengthening days and heavier clothes one can’t help but … Continue reading

Rain – A Haiku

rain softly falling drenching a wet world in green coaxing out the blooms