52 Pick Up: Black and White – Photographing Difficult Subjects

serious teenager photo

Not every subject who steps in front of your lens is going to want their photo taken.  Very often photographing young teenagers can pose a particular challenge.  In many cases photographing teenagers, especially young teenagers has the potential to be … Continue reading

Pointers in Taking Your Own Family Photos

While in the midst of capturing beautiful fall photos for my clients I was able to find time to capture some photos of my own family.  Let me say, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  As I navigated the … Continue reading

Beautiful Colours – Beautiful Family

I had the pleasure of spending time with this beautiful family.  It was a perfect situation of wonderful light, stunning fall colours and willing participants.  The couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary the next day, so I was pleased to … Continue reading

Mother & Daughter Session

I loved this session from beginning to end!  A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing one of my dearest friends and her two daughters.  These three beautiful ladies were full of laughter and fun.  From beginning to … Continue reading

52 Pick Up: Motherhood – Dear Daughter, I love you but…

52 Pick Up: Motherhood – Dear Daughter, I love you but…

There is no manual for motherhood and each stage of our child’s life is often like walking through a carnival fun house full of crazy mirrors, and uneven floors.  Just when you think you get your footing, you turn a … Continue reading

52 Pick Up – Growth: Giving your Children Room to Grow

I had some lovely images of green sprouting trees and flowers that I had originally thought I would use for this challenge, but upon ongoing reflection of my most recent trip, I decided to change direction. As many of you … Continue reading

52 Pick Up: Eyes – Sometimes I Wish I Could Stop Time

There are some conversations that bring your state of reality into full clarity. I snapped this photo of my daughter and the first thing out of her mouth was, “Mom!  If you are taking photos of me let me put … Continue reading

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Best Friends Forever Session

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This session was on the spur of the moment and a ton of fun!  The girls giggled through the entire session as they played with the props and dogs.  The jumped around, sang songs and had fun coming up with … Continue reading