Giving Your Images the Royal Treatment

Together we will choose the images that best capture the story of your session.  Your chosen images can be “cleaned up” as blemishes or stray hairs are removed.  I will not “”clean up” anything you do not wish.  The rule I follow is if it will be there five days from now (moles or scars) I leave it.  If it will be gone in five days (scratches, blemishes or stray hairs) I can clean them up.  Let me know what you desire.  Your images will then be artistically cropped and colour and details are enhanced to bring out the beauty of each image.

You will receive each enhanced image in colour, black and white or sepia.  Each enhanced image will also be Facebook ready for easy uploading and sharing.

Please continue scrolling to see a few examples of how your images will be given the Royal Treatment

The image below was colour enhanced and sharpened to make the stunning eyes of this little princess just pop!

In the image below some stray hairs were removed, as were a couple of blemishes.  The background was also changed and the image was turned sepia.  What was originally an off the cuff photo, became a beautiful images of two sisters.