Everyday Objects – Droplets of Wonder

Have you ever noticed how you can be sitting there surrounded by the everyday objects of your life and then suddenly a colour, light or shape grabs your attention? Marking. What I SHOULD be doing is marking. Instead the condensation … Continue reading

Searching for Emeralds

In a world of white, surrounded by crystalline diamonds, I long for sun warmed earth and the emergence of living emeralds.

Tree Envy {Weeky Photo Challenge – Hues of You}

I am GREEN with envy! That’s correct, I suffer terribly from TREE ENVY!  When we purchased our little maple tree, two years ago, I had lovely visions of RED and ORANGE foliage bringing vibrant fiery autumn colour to my yard. … Continue reading

Just Because….

Because sometimes, something you walk by everyday catches your eye and you are simply compelled to slow down and take the time to photograph it!

A Control Freak trying to Find Flexibility

CONFESSION TIME You would have thought after 14 years of parenthood, I would be a more flexible person. No I don’t mean in the literal sense.  Seriously, what my children have done to my hips has left me with little … Continue reading

Salted Grapefruit and a Flood of Memories

We all have smells and tastes that take us back to moments in our life.  They may be events of life changing proportion, or ones of the everyday variety that you don’t realize are significant until years have gone by. … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour (Haiku)

the golden hour bathes the world in a soft light creating beauty

Tulips – A Haiku

orange, yellow, peach petals of vibrant colour wilting far too soon

A Study of Softness in the Midst of Needles

  I have fallen in love with the golden halo of softness in this image.