Everyday Objects – Droplets of Wonder

Have you ever noticed how you can be sitting there surrounded by the everyday objects of your life and then suddenly a colour, light or shape grabs your attention? Marking. What I SHOULD be doing is marking. Instead the condensation … Continue reading

52 Pick Up – Water: Ultimate Destruction (On a Small Scale)

My family single handedly destroyed a town last week! That being said, I will qualify the above statement with the fact that no individuals were harmed in the destruction. Truth be told this was one of those magical teachable moments … Continue reading

Pug Bubbles

Our little Daisy LOVES water.  I have never met a pug that loves water as much as she does.  She will drink from the hose, watering can and even the sprinkler.  When the sprinkler is on she runs around like … Continue reading

Pic-a-Day 07/07 Water

It was hot and humid today, which is a rarity for Alberta.  Even the water bottles were sweating. Photo Stats: Nikon D80 (manual/ RAW) , ISO 160 , 1/60, F2.8