The Most Important Thing to Remember for 2014

I have not set any resolutions this year.  It was finally time to get honest.  How many years have I set the resolution that I want to lose weight or exercise more only to forget it the next time a … Continue reading

{PX3 Monthly Challenge} January Topic ~ Beginnings

Welcome to month one of my new challenge for 2014.  I’m quite excited about the posts I will be sharing over the year.  If you wish to know more about the challenge just head on over to the Px3 Page. … Continue reading

Sapphire and Diamonds

Winter in Alberta can be miserable.  Days of bundling up against frigid temperatures, grey gloomy skies and snow that seems to pile, pile and pile up. On the other hand, winter in Alberta can be absolutely stunning.  Glittering diamonds against … Continue reading

A Study of Softness in the Midst of Needles

  I have fallen in love with the golden halo of softness in this image.


The cold depths of winter cover the land, as the flora slumbers waiting for warmer days.

52 Pick Up: Macro – Can You Guess What This Is?

hoar frost in garden

I love finding unique and interesting things in which to photograph.  My little backyard photography journey began on a day in which everything was coated in hoar frost. I wanted to photograph the frost on the blue spruce. Then while … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

When I saw the topic of this week’s challenge, I knew exactly the photo I wanted to post.  I love the delicate crystals of ice that cling to the edges of these leaves. Hoar Frost on Birch Leaves

Finding the Blessings in Winter

I can relate to this poor frozen rose. I too am feeling a little frozen and caught off guard by the sudden arrival of winter.  Winter struck hard and fast in Alberta.  One day the glorious sun was shining down … Continue reading