To Save or Not to Save…

Fort Steele Heritage Town Print Sense Photography

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When it comes to historical artifacts, who decides what is worth saving? This question becomes all the more poignant when that artifact is a building… a business or someone’s home perhaps. Point blank the question is, quite simply put, who … Continue reading

Decay {Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie}

“Closer,” the decaying house whispered with its rotting grin.  I paused in my tracks, glancing back wondering if it was only the wind in the trees.  The eyes in the window, that looked vaguely cheery and almost inviting, held a … Continue reading

52 Pick Up: Furry and Feathered Friends – Reflections of a City Mouse

I’m a city girl. I may have been born in a small town, but I was raised a city girl.  Sure I spent time on the farm during some of my summers growing up, but that certainly does not qualify … Continue reading